Wali Abro is a Municipal Socialist Alliance candidate.

The Alliance has a radical platform to transform the status quo.

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How you Can Help Elect Wali ABRO

We are a completely grassroots, people-driven campaign. We have no corporate donors, developer interests, or big money backing.

We need people like you to help us win this campaign, and there are many ways you can contribute to the cause!


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Make a financial contribution.

All contributions above $25 are eligible for cash rebates of up to 75% from the city.

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Help by volunteering for the campaign!


Spread the word.

Awaken the revolutionary spirit in the masses.

About Wali

Wali Abro became a Canadian citizen just this past winter, having immigrated from Pakistan nearly 10 years ago. He initially bought into the clichéd image of Canada: that it was fair, compassionate, and built in partnership with the Indigenous peoples of this land.

That image was quickly shattered. Now, he’s fighting for the Canada that was promised.




“Wali ABRO is an incredibly committed and capable person for the role of city councillor. He is diligent, compassionate, and thorough. he will be a strong, progressive voice in city council.”

– Daniel Tarade,



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