Everything you need to know to vote

The City of Toronto’s website has an online tool to help you vote

Simply enter your street address into MyVote, and hit ‘Go‘.

You should then be able to click on the following tabs:

  • My Candidates – this will show you a list of all the election candidates for your ward
  • My Ward Map – this will show you a map of your ward for informational purposes
  • My Voting Places – this will show you all the places you can cast your vote for Advance Voting Days (October 7th to 14th) as well as Election Day (October 24th) itself
  • My Ballot – this will show you a sample ballot identical to what you will get at the poll

Additionally, on the first tab, My Voter Information, you can check to see if you are on the Voters’ List by entering your (legal) first name and last name, date of birth, and address’ unit number (if applicable), confirming you’re not a robot by ticking a box (an impossible task for robots, apparently), and hitting the ‘Lookup‘ button.


the Voters’ List

Getting on the voters’ list is simple but it is not a requirement to vote

If you are not on the Voters’ List, YOU CAN STILL VOTE. Being on the Voters’ List in advance is simply to make it easier and slightly quicker to vote. In order to appear on the Voters’ List on Election Day, you can add yourself until October 14th @ 4:30 PM by emailing voterregistration@toronto.ca or calling 311.

You can also add yourself to the Voters’ List at the polling station – including on Advance Voting Days and on Election Day itself. All you need to do is bring a piece of ID showing your name and qualifying Toronto address when you go to vote.

Here is a printable list of identification you can use.

Deadline to request Mail-in voting has passed

september 23rd was the final day to request voting by mail

If you applied to vote by mail, you will receive a mail-in voting package. You must complete and submit your mail-in Voting package through Canada Post so that Toronto Elections receives it by October 21st, or you can hand deliver it to a secure Mail-in Voting yellow drop box by 12 PM on October 21st. The yellow drop box for Toronto-Danforth (Ward 14) is located at the East York Community Centre – Main Entrance (1081 1/2 Pape Avenue, East York, ON, Canada).



There is always help available to cast your vote

Visit the Additional Voting Options & Accommodations page on the City’s website for all the options available to you to make it easier to vote.

The following information is available on this page:

  • Appointing Another Voter (Proxy) to Vote on Your Behalf
  • Curbside Voting
  • Accessible Voting Equipment/Voter Assist Terminal
  • Transferring Your Ballot to a Voting Place with Accessible Voting Equipment
  • Translated Materials & Language Services
  • Transportation to Voting Places
  • Dedicated Accessibility Telephone Line & Email (see below)
  • Information for Voters Experiencing Homelessness
  • Information for Voters on Remand

Important information:

  • Proxy appointments require completion of a Voting Proxy Appointment Form. You can get one from Toronto Elections by calling (416) 338-1111 or emailing voterregistration@toronto.ca – and must have it signed by both, the voter and the proxy voter, before submitting it. Only after it is signed can it be submitted for certification.
  • Certification is only available in-person at the Toronto Elections office in Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St W. during normal business hours (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM).
  • If you are working, you are entitled to three hours in which to vote on voting day (i.e. you’re allowed to be absent to give yourself three hours of voting time). This is typically at the start or end of your working hours. Coordinate with your employer beforehand.
  • Citizens on remand or experiencing homelessness are eligible to vote and are strongly encouraged to exercise their right to vote! Visit the Additional Voting Options & Accommodations page for more information.
  • There is a dedicated accessibility telephone line and email address for any accessibility questions, comments or concerns you may have:Email: accessibleelections@toronto.ca
    Phone: (416) 338-1111 then press 6
    TTY: (416) 338-0889



You’re busy looking after yourself, your family, and other loved ones. You’ve worked hard and paid your dues.

after 20 years of slow progress and feet dragging, you deserve better better than what you’re getting.

Vote for Compassion. Vote for Fairness. Vote for Justice.

Vote for Yourself. Vote for change.

Vote Wali Abro.

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